Radius : 14-20m (47'-67')
Flow rate: 6.0-25.0GPM 23-951LPM
Operating Pressure: 2,8-6,2 bar (40-90PSI)
Toro 640 Series Sprinklers  

Radius : 6-16m (20'-52'')
Flow rate: 4.2-3.75LPM 23-951LPM
Operating Pressure: 1,7-5,2 bar (25-75PSI)
Toro 700 Series Sprinklers  

Radius:11,9 -19,8 m (35'65')
Flow rate: 2.9 to 21.7 GPM
Operating Pressure: 30-90PSI
Rain Bird (Falcon 6504 series)  

Radius:23'-40' (7-12.2m)
Flow Rate: 0.80-7.65GPM
Operating Pressure 25-65PSI
Rain Bird (5000 Series)  

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