The GR 1600's 66 cm width of cut offers outstanding productivity It can mow large greens and is versatile enough to mow tees, approaches, approns, and other special turf areas. Its dimpled traction drum provides enhanced traction for Off-green s mowing, and the roler is easily adjusted for a height of cut from 3.1mm to 31mm.
Greens Master-1600  

Popular with professionals worldwide for its productivity and ability to cutcut competitive models the GR 1000 has an 11- blade reel that delivers a 53 cm width of cut at heights from 1.9 to 25 mm. It follows ground contours for a smooth, even cut with a precise stripe and jclean aftercut appearance.
Greens Master -1000  

Toro's impressive tine offerings let you customize your Greens Aerator to each green or the turf being cultivated.Additional accessories help you get the most from your investment.
Green Aerator

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